Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thinking Christmas

I have already started thinking about Christmas.  I have a list going of what I would like to buy people and started on a few crafts.  I have to do it this way so we can fit everything in our budget.  We draw names on both sides of the family and that helps us a lot.  But it all adds up quickly.  Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? I think I will work on the goodies list I always take to my father-in-laws.  And things I would just like to make for the family.  I think part of the fun is the planning.  Do you start planning for Christmas this early?  Do you have any great goodies recipes you use?  Fall just gets me so excited.



Monday, September 27, 2010

I saw these cute little pumpkin jars here.  I had everything I needed already at home.  So I did not have to buy a thing to make them.  They are so easy and cute.  I just love them. 



Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day at the Free Zoo

A few weeks ago when we went to visit Grandpa we went to a small town that had a free zoo.  It is not a very big zoo but it was so lovely.  It was inside a large park. And it was pretty busy.  Court says Grandpa takes her there all the time when she comes to visit.  She is my animal lover and loves this little zoo.  She said they always have a picnic when they come.  Here are a few pictures I managed to take.

Grandpa thought we needed a snack or drink.

 Monkeys.  They liked to fuss with each other.

Swans.  She is beautiful all heart shaped.


He was so hot.

Court said this eagle is in the same spot all the time.
Loved to be fed.
It was so hot and she was just panting but she was not about to move from her eggs.  We threw ice to her and she gobbled it up.  What a good momma.
This great train was only 25 cents to ride.  There was a wonderful carousel also that only cost 5 cents to ride but I did not get a picture.  Can you believe those prices?

Those are just a few of the pictures.  It was a wonderful day with family.  I love that Grandpa and Susan, his wife, are making wonderful memories for Court.  She will cherish those moments.



Monday, September 20, 2010

Yesterday was our youngest daughters birthday.  She turned the big 14.  I am getting so old.  Any way, Saturday night her daddy took us to Cinzettis for dinner.  It is a wonderful, beautiful Italian restaurant.  She loved it. 

Court enjoying Cinzetti's

Sunday, her birthday day, we went to church.  It is our churches 150 year celebration. Isn't that great.  Our church has been serving the Lord for 150 years.  Wow.  Any way, after church we had lunch.  She requested her birthday lunch be nachos.  That was easy enough.  Then we had cake.  Daddy bought one this year.  That was so nice.
Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.

Cake daddy bought!!

After we ate and had cake we watched a movie together.  She fell asleep.  Bless her heart.  Then we did a few crafts we have been wanting to do for her room.  They turned out great. 

The before and after picture of her wall.
The before picture.

She hung pictures all around this.
The before picture

We put scrape book paper on the CS.

It was a wonderful day.  It would have been even better if her brother and sister could have been here but they both called and wished her a happy birthday. 

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday also.



Friday, September 17, 2010

My Oldest daughters new friend

My oldest daughter, as you probably know, is a Junior in college.  She has a job at an after school program in her college town.  She told me one of the girls she has also lives on the same street as her and she comes over to talk to her a lot.  On Wednesday the little girl came to visit and proceeds to tell my daughter that she just lives with her daddy.  Her mommy lives in Georgia.  But her mommy was coming in a few days to visit because it is her birthday.  My daughter said that is wonderful.  But the little girl told her she was sad because her mommy is not with her all the time.  My daughter said well at least you get to spend a few days with her.  The little girl said but I cry everyday because when I go to school I see all the mommies dropping off their kids and I have to have my daddy take me to school.  My daughter said well you are very lucky to have your daddy take you to school.  A lot of daddies can not do that.  Then the little girl said; What do you want to be when you grow up?  My daughter explained she wanted to be a social worker and told her she wants to help kids when they are in trouble and let the kids talk to her if they need someone to talk to.  The little girl was so excited she said her daddy needed someone like that to talk to about us kids and she needs someone to talk too.  The little girl said I am going to go home and ask my daddy if I can talk to you.  Then the little girl said, and it will be good for you also because it will let you practice for your job when you grow up.  Isn't that just sad but wonderful at the same time.  Sad that her mommy is not around but awesome how God puts people in our paths.  This little girl obviously feels very comfortable with my daughter and God has provided her with a person she can talk to about her family situation. I love that my daughter with 2 jobs, her school job and a dance teacher, full load of college classes, time to study, friend time and boy friend time has the time to sit on her porch with a little girl and listen.  I need to take lessons from my almost 21 year old and slow down.  I might be overlooking some one who needs me or maybe some one I need in my life.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Book of Knowledge

While we were visiting family.  Susan, my father-in-laws wife, showed me a book she has put together.  She called it her Book of Knowledge.  Isn't that cute.  I asked her if it was ok for me to look at it and of course she said yes with a chuckle.  She is so organized.  Her Book of Knowledge has a section of recipes she loves, recipes she wanted to try, recipes that were great to make for company, recipes good for potlucks.  Another section was her cleaning schedule.  Like when she last cleaned under the fridge and stove.  It was mostly hand written.  It was just so neat.  I think I will start a Book of Knowledge. Maybe if nothing else it will show me hey you really need to clean under that fridge.  Ha Ha.

Here are a few pictures of her Book of Knowledge.

The Book of Knowledge



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canned Jello Apples

Have you ever had canned jello apples?  Oh they are so yummy.  I made a few batches from the apples I received from my father in law.   Here is the recipe.

4 Quart Apples
2 Cups boiling water
2 (3 oz.) boxes cherry jello
1 1/2 Cups sugar

Peel and slice apples.  Put in water with a little lemon juice or fruit fresh to keep from turning brown.  Mix cherry jello with boiling water and sugar in pan.  Add apples.  Cook apples in mixture for about 10 minutes or until slightly tender.  Pack in jars and water bath for 20 minutes. 

You will like them if you just try them.  Here is a picture of mine.  They are such a pretty color. 

Canned Jello Apples



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wonderful Last Weekend of Summer

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Alyssa and Ryan came home from college and we all took a trip down to Grandpas.  He lives on a 280 acre farm about 2 hours from us.  We had such a wonderful time with all of the family and had such great food to eat.  Those Mennonites can sure cook.  Here are a few pictures of our time at Grandpas. 
We love Grandpas cattle
The Girls love giving the cattle treats

Look how big this poor cow is that Alyssa is feeding. 

Out 40 acres.  Grandpa would love for us to put a house here but we are just not seeing it happen right now.

1 of the 3 ponds

Picnic table near our 40 acres.  Pretty huh.
Alyssa afraid of the ticks.  She cracks me up.

Ryan and Court with their cousin.  She is adorable.

This is my wonderful father in law

More pictures later.  Hope you had a wonderful last summer fling also.                                                                            



Friday, September 3, 2010


At preschool we have a new little boy.  He is 3 and from Guatemala.  He is a precious thing.  He does not speak much English yet but easily repeats what you say.  He just arrived here this last Saturday.  He is a little nervous of course.  His mommy stays for a bit then hands him to one of us.  I know that is so hard for her.   He does not cry really but sometimes he will make a sound to soothe himself.  We do hold him a lot.  He is so snugly and he is so observant taking in everything the other kids are doing. The kids in the class room are just wonderful with him.  They all seem to understand he is from far away and is scared.  They all try so hard to talk to him and play.  It is absolutely wonderful to see the compassion some of the kids have.  I can not imagine how this little one feels.  All the new places, things and people he is having to take in at once.  I think we as a society forget to be compassionate to others who are different than us or have different views than we do.  I like this verse:  As we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all men.  Galatians 6:10. It says all men.  Not just the ones you might be similar to or have the same views as. I hope I can remember to be like the kids in my class.  They don't see color or hear a language barrier they just see a new friend that they want to be nice to and share toys with.   He brought us a few gifts from his country. I feel so blessed to be a part of this little ones life and get to share in the joy of his learning and growing in our wonderful part of the world.
Coin purse given to me by Mateo

Bracelet our new friend gave to everyone in the classroom.



Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Ryan #20

Court playing volleyball

Do your kids play sports?  Mine always have.  Ryan played basketball, football and ran track.  Alyssa played volleyball and took dance and Courtney as of  right now has played basketball and volleyball.  They all love doing "their sport".  I have so enjoyed watching all of them.  But, I have to be honest I get a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I am not sure of all the reasons why.  Some reasons I think I get that terrible feeling is I am nervous for them, I do not always feel the coaches see all that they should be seeing, I am afraid they could get hurt.  Those are just a few.  My husband has coached a lot of the sports the kids have played but of course when you get into school sports you have to let that go.  I was always so amazed at how he saw everything.  He saw bad attitudes and would talk to them about it.  He saw ball hogging (is that  word) and would remind them this is a team sport.  He saw cliques and also reminded them this is a team sport.  Since I am on my 3rd child I am noticing how things have changed a bit.  Girls are rougher, louder and little more selfish.  You put those girls with the girls who are quite, a little calmer, and team players and the quite ones get lost.  It does not mean they are less of a player they are just over looked.  So what do you think?  Are team sports worth the trouble?  I would just love to know other parents opinions.