Monday, September 13, 2010

Book of Knowledge

While we were visiting family.  Susan, my father-in-laws wife, showed me a book she has put together.  She called it her Book of Knowledge.  Isn't that cute.  I asked her if it was ok for me to look at it and of course she said yes with a chuckle.  She is so organized.  Her Book of Knowledge has a section of recipes she loves, recipes she wanted to try, recipes that were great to make for company, recipes good for potlucks.  Another section was her cleaning schedule.  Like when she last cleaned under the fridge and stove.  It was mostly hand written.  It was just so neat.  I think I will start a Book of Knowledge. Maybe if nothing else it will show me hey you really need to clean under that fridge.  Ha Ha.

Here are a few pictures of her Book of Knowledge.

The Book of Knowledge




  1. I have tried to organize myself over & over with similar systems to no avail. I love the idea of home management journals more than the actual upkeep of them, lol! I sooo want to be organized!!!

  2. I need a book of knowledge :)

    It is now on my to-do list...

  3. I really want to be organized...really I do. So, I truly admire those who find really cool systems like this that work for them. Now, if I could just find a system that worked for me.

    P.S. - The last time (the only time) we cleaned under the fridge? When we moved it to a different part of our kitchen. What we found was a little scary. I guess you're supposed to do that kind of thing more often than once every nine years.