Friday, September 17, 2010

My Oldest daughters new friend

My oldest daughter, as you probably know, is a Junior in college.  She has a job at an after school program in her college town.  She told me one of the girls she has also lives on the same street as her and she comes over to talk to her a lot.  On Wednesday the little girl came to visit and proceeds to tell my daughter that she just lives with her daddy.  Her mommy lives in Georgia.  But her mommy was coming in a few days to visit because it is her birthday.  My daughter said that is wonderful.  But the little girl told her she was sad because her mommy is not with her all the time.  My daughter said well at least you get to spend a few days with her.  The little girl said but I cry everyday because when I go to school I see all the mommies dropping off their kids and I have to have my daddy take me to school.  My daughter said well you are very lucky to have your daddy take you to school.  A lot of daddies can not do that.  Then the little girl said; What do you want to be when you grow up?  My daughter explained she wanted to be a social worker and told her she wants to help kids when they are in trouble and let the kids talk to her if they need someone to talk to.  The little girl was so excited she said her daddy needed someone like that to talk to about us kids and she needs someone to talk too.  The little girl said I am going to go home and ask my daddy if I can talk to you.  Then the little girl said, and it will be good for you also because it will let you practice for your job when you grow up.  Isn't that just sad but wonderful at the same time.  Sad that her mommy is not around but awesome how God puts people in our paths.  This little girl obviously feels very comfortable with my daughter and God has provided her with a person she can talk to about her family situation. I love that my daughter with 2 jobs, her school job and a dance teacher, full load of college classes, time to study, friend time and boy friend time has the time to sit on her porch with a little girl and listen.  I need to take lessons from my almost 21 year old and slow down.  I might be overlooking some one who needs me or maybe some one I need in my life.




  1. Awesome story!You should be proud!

  2. How wonderful! I loved your other post on all the apples! Very tasty! If you ever post the recipes, link them up in my RECIPE TAB on my blog! Yummy!!!
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    Have a great weekend!
    Susieqtpies at Scraps of Life

  3. :-) Very sweet... thanks for sharing!

  4. God loves you so much, HE talked to you through your lovely daughter.



  5. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! I took a 'read' down your page and you sound a lot like me...dedicated to family and enjoying gardening and your home. I hope you'll stop by again. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. And I've been married an even shorter 36 years, ha!

  6. Oh that is bittersweet...and you're so right about making ourselves available to someone who might be in need.