Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Ryan #20

Court playing volleyball

Do your kids play sports?  Mine always have.  Ryan played basketball, football and ran track.  Alyssa played volleyball and took dance and Courtney as of  right now has played basketball and volleyball.  They all love doing "their sport".  I have so enjoyed watching all of them.  But, I have to be honest I get a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I am not sure of all the reasons why.  Some reasons I think I get that terrible feeling is I am nervous for them, I do not always feel the coaches see all that they should be seeing, I am afraid they could get hurt.  Those are just a few.  My husband has coached a lot of the sports the kids have played but of course when you get into school sports you have to let that go.  I was always so amazed at how he saw everything.  He saw bad attitudes and would talk to them about it.  He saw ball hogging (is that  word) and would remind them this is a team sport.  He saw cliques and also reminded them this is a team sport.  Since I am on my 3rd child I am noticing how things have changed a bit.  Girls are rougher, louder and little more selfish.  You put those girls with the girls who are quite, a little calmer, and team players and the quite ones get lost.  It does not mean they are less of a player they are just over looked.  So what do you think?  Are team sports worth the trouble?  I would just love to know other parents opinions.




  1. My girls have yet to get involved in team sports- they are still little...
    But- they are little gymnasts, Willow is just about ready to start with team gymnastics- hopefully soon. (she is desperately wanting this)

    I guess one day we'll know the team sports are worth the hassle :)

  2. My son and daugther are. The pictures were looking like my day.