Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thinking Christmas

I have already started thinking about Christmas.  I have a list going of what I would like to buy people and started on a few crafts.  I have to do it this way so we can fit everything in our budget.  We draw names on both sides of the family and that helps us a lot.  But it all adds up quickly.  Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? I think I will work on the goodies list I always take to my father-in-laws.  And things I would just like to make for the family.  I think part of the fun is the planning.  Do you start planning for Christmas this early?  Do you have any great goodies recipes you use?  Fall just gets me so excited.




  1. Yes,I do.I love Christmas.Same thing budget wise.I really need to this year,being due on Dec.25.Also my daughters birthday is Dec 20.So yes ,I am right beside you!Blessings,Marla Grace

  2. I am working on photo calendars this year for most of the family. Also daughter bday Dec 20 and hubby on Dec 18. I have a few things for Christmas already and working on some more. I don't need to give alot any more which is nice. Thanks for your inspiration! Hugs and blessings!--Becky

  3. I purchased a small handful of things already... but I really enjoy black friday shopping {crazy, I know} so I always free up my gift list for that day. :)