Friday, September 3, 2010


At preschool we have a new little boy.  He is 3 and from Guatemala.  He is a precious thing.  He does not speak much English yet but easily repeats what you say.  He just arrived here this last Saturday.  He is a little nervous of course.  His mommy stays for a bit then hands him to one of us.  I know that is so hard for her.   He does not cry really but sometimes he will make a sound to soothe himself.  We do hold him a lot.  He is so snugly and he is so observant taking in everything the other kids are doing. The kids in the class room are just wonderful with him.  They all seem to understand he is from far away and is scared.  They all try so hard to talk to him and play.  It is absolutely wonderful to see the compassion some of the kids have.  I can not imagine how this little one feels.  All the new places, things and people he is having to take in at once.  I think we as a society forget to be compassionate to others who are different than us or have different views than we do.  I like this verse:  As we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all men.  Galatians 6:10. It says all men.  Not just the ones you might be similar to or have the same views as. I hope I can remember to be like the kids in my class.  They don't see color or hear a language barrier they just see a new friend that they want to be nice to and share toys with.   He brought us a few gifts from his country. I feel so blessed to be a part of this little ones life and get to share in the joy of his learning and growing in our wonderful part of the world.
Coin purse given to me by Mateo

Bracelet our new friend gave to everyone in the classroom.




  1. That is soooo cute! I wanna see him sometime, i bet he is just adorable. See you in a few hours. Love you!!

  2. How do you not hold him all day and spend all your time with him?
    You just melted my heart.
    And I love your apple post a couple posts down. Your girls and your son's future wife are blessed to have a mom to glean from in the cooking department.
    You are amazing.
    I am praying for your younger daughter and school.
    She is blessed to have a mom that prays.
    Have a great labor day weekend!