Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wonderful Last Weekend of Summer

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Alyssa and Ryan came home from college and we all took a trip down to Grandpas.  He lives on a 280 acre farm about 2 hours from us.  We had such a wonderful time with all of the family and had such great food to eat.  Those Mennonites can sure cook.  Here are a few pictures of our time at Grandpas. 
We love Grandpas cattle
The Girls love giving the cattle treats

Look how big this poor cow is that Alyssa is feeding. 

Out 40 acres.  Grandpa would love for us to put a house here but we are just not seeing it happen right now.

1 of the 3 ponds

Picnic table near our 40 acres.  Pretty huh.
Alyssa afraid of the ticks.  She cracks me up.

Ryan and Court with their cousin.  She is adorable.

This is my wonderful father in law

More pictures later.  Hope you had a wonderful last summer fling also.                                                                            




  1. Oh, that looks like a little piece of paradise. Beautiful. In your one picture you referred to it as being your 40 acres. Is there a part of the farm set aside for you and your family? It all looks so peaceful.

  2. Haha! You would Mom, you would. Love you!!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to live! Sounds like a great holiday your family had!