Monday, July 11, 2011

In The Summer Time When The Weather Is Hot!

Hi all, it has been a long time since I have posted.  We have just been trying to enjoy every moment of our summer.  We have done a few things but not a lot.  I am a firm believer in laying back and enjoying the few hot months that we have.  And boy has it been hot.  Today we reached over 100.  I told you hot.  So that means we have just had to visit this place a few times. Yummy

My youngest daughter of course has gone to spend some time with Grandpa on the farm.  She is my little farm girl.  I just love that.  She can occupy herself for days on the farm.  Here are some pictures her and her sister took. 

Sun going down on the farm

Old outhouse on the farm

Corn A-Growing
 We have played with the neighborhood animals a lot.  They are so sweet. 

Sweet Tiger

Sweet Smokey
A few other great little creatures have passed our path. 

Fourth of July we made 4th of July S'mores.  I love S'mores.  I eat way to many of these in the summer.

And in the afternoon when it is way to hot to go outside we have been getting the house ready and organized for the busy school year.  I just love clean dressers, closets and drawers.  I get excited about little things. 

Hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Don't forget to just sit on the porch with your family and by yourself at times.  The good Lord might want to whisper in your ear a bit.  So step into the quite. 

Summer Blessings