Friday, March 11, 2011

I was the winner

Again I have not taken the time to write anything for a while.  I always go and visit other blogs but never take the time to work on mine.  A while back I won the greatest little Canvas print.  I just love pictures of farm houses.  I plan on hanging it in the family room with a few others I have but have not done it yet.  I am trying to decide if I should paint first or not.  Anyway I won it from the Karen at Stairstep Boys she is so cute and I just love her blog.  Here is a picture of the print. 

My husband also bought us/ME a new camera.  It is a fancy one to me and I am learning to use it.  It has so many options on it.  I just love it but I need to take a class to learn everything about it.  Here is a picture of the one he bought us/ME.


Very nice don't you think.  I am excited to take it to Courtney's volleyball tournament tomorrow.  Maybe I can really get some good pictures and not miss her in action because my camera was a little slow.  Hopefully it wasnot the photographer who was slow.   I have even located the best setting for sports so now I am set.  Oh, except the batteries, I need rechargeable batteries.  I keep forgetting to pick some up at Walmart.  So I guess I am off to Walmart to buy rechargeable batteries.  Ugh.  I have already been there once today. 

I will try not to go so long in writing again. 




  1. Hi Crystal. I've missed reading your posts. So, what a pleasant surprise when I popped over here and saw that you posted a picture of the farmhouse print. I'm so glad you like it. I've been back to that little store where I got the print and I bought myself a canvas sign that says 'Love Grows Well In Little Houses'. It has a little farmhouse on it too. I think it was the same artist.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Your new camera looks very exciting. I've been tempted to purchase a higher quality digital camera but haven't decided yet. You'll have to post some pictures that you take with it.

  2. Beautiful painting!

    I don't like upgrading cameras because of the learning curve... but then I'm always so glad I did:0) Hope you like it, it really looks nice!

  3. OOHH I just love both so much. Have fun snapping away!