Saturday, March 12, 2011

Courtney Volleyball 2011

Courtney had a volleyball tournament today.  I just love watching her play.  She plays setter most of the time and sometimes she will be a hitter.  Here are a few pictures I took with my new camera.  Remember it was my first time using it and they are not great.  I have a lot to learn with this thing.

                                                           Her number

Waiting to get started.  Always on her I-Pod

                                                          Setting the ball

Setting the ball

Serving the ball

Reading her friends magazine while waiting for the next game.

       Random picture of downtown.  I just love sky lines.  Would have been better without those silly poles

She did a great job and I see a good improvement.  She is 14 and played on a 16 team.  Can you tell I am one proud momma?  Such fun!!!




  1. I loved volleyball in high school. It was one sport I was good at, especially serving. Photos are great, by the way! Take care!

  2. Good Job with the photos! I got a new camera for Christmas that I am still trying to figure out!

    Love volleyball! Played in college and I really miss it now! Hope my girls take a liking to it also, would make momma happy :)