Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall is Finally Upon Us....

Fall is Finally Upon Us.....

Life in the Happy Home has been pretty quite lately.  I have made calls to the family and it was decided to have Thanksgiving here at our home.  Our home is not large but it is so fun to have everyone gathered together.  Don't you just love the cozy feeling of being surrounded by loving family.  There is nothing better.  I am planning the meal and watching for sale items.  This week at the store I shop, baking items were on sale,  I picked up some chocolate chips, coconut, butter, sugar and oil.  Even if I don't use those for Thanksgiving, Christmas is just around the corner.  I am just waiting for those turkeys to go on sale.  We are planning to have turkey, dressing, yams, green bean casserole, jello apples, frozen apple sauce, mashed potatoes with noodles, corn, home made rolls, vegetable tray, pies and cookies.  Wow that sounds like a lot of food but the family is helping by bringing a few things.  How blessed we are. 

The mornings are getting so chilly and when I step out of bed I have to shiver a bit.  I usually will head straight to the kitchen and make a nice cup of hot tea or hot chocolate.  I then can not start my day until I do my devotions.  Have to make sure I have my priorities straight.  On the chilly weekend mornings I love to fix a hot breakfast.  A favorite breakfast in our family is pancakes.  The home made kind of course.  My husband loves blueberry pancakes.  My daughters love chocolate chips in their pancakes.  Ryan likes his plain and I love peanut butter on mine.  Yummy.  With pancakes everyone can have them just the way they like them.  Here is my pancake recipe. 

1 Cup of Self Rising Flour (see below for home made kind)
1 cup milk
1/3 cup oil
1 egg.

Mix all together.  You can make the batter thicker by adding a little more self rising flour if you would like.  Make them like your family likes them.  I always double the recipe.  We like our pancakes big and I have some left to make Court breakfast on school day mornings. 
(To make self rising flour mix 2 cups flour with 1 Tablespoon baking powder and 1 teaspoon salt.  Sift together.


With winter upon us we have been trying to get everything outside ready.  My sweet father-In-Law came to our house and help hubby cut a big tree down in our yard.  The tree just up and died.  Oh boy those men scared me.  Scared me so much I forgot to take picture of them in the process of cutting it down.  And I was helping pick up.  But as the men started cutting and stacking the wood we had several people stop and ask if they could haul it away for us.  But we had one nice lady offer to pay us for it.  Wow what a blessing.  We did not know what we were going to do with all the wood. I am using that money to buy some Christmas presents. God always gives us little surprises. Here are the pictures of the tree I did manage to take.  They still have a little more to go but at least now if we get a bad storm we won't have the fear of the tree falling on the house. 
Tree before it was cut.

First day of cutting

This was cut the 2nd day

Still needs to be cut another day.

On my wish list right now is this wonderful book by Farm Chicks.  I went to the bookstore to check it out but it is not in my budget to buy it with Christmas around the corner.  I hope she is giving it away in her Christmas Extravaganza and I hope I win.  You should check out her website.  She is so cute.
The Farm Chicks Christmas: Merry Ideas for the Holidays (Country Living)

I hope you can enjoy these fall days.  Make some hot chocolate and enjoy a movie or game with the wonderful family God gave you.  Don't forget to tell each person how thankful you are for them. 
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  1. I love the leaves that are around my door step even if they come in. Yesterday evening was quite chilly when we left our friends' house from Bible study...what a drop in temp! And the rain that came down Sat. was much but so glad for a roof that doesn't leak and a house to keep us warm and dry. Love abounds most of the time even when there are little tiffs of someone not understanding the other person. Not sure what we're doing Thanksgiving. Probably just eating here with turkey, usually get a free one from work. Will see our son's family over that weekend. Just the way it is. Hugs!

  2. Crystal love this post.We are so much alike.I have to agree with all of it.I can tell thanksgiving will be wonderful at your home.We also love the homemade pancakes.Too funny,we have some who like plain,some blueberry,some chocolate chip,and my Husband and daughter do the peanut butter. I really thought they were the only ones.I would love to send you an invite to my blog.I will need your email address.You then confirm the email.I know it is a pain,but I had something happen on my blog that made me very uneasy.The safety of my Children is too important.Something gave me a red flag.I am so sad to have to go private.I have worked so hard on my blog.Blessings to you ,and your family.Marla

  3. What a spread you have planned!!!

    This will be our first vegan Thanksgiving... We will be bringing our own food to the family gathering- so I have to start searching for the right recipes to replace that traditional meal! :)

    It is definitely colder!!! wow!!! I had to double up my socks the other morning! Is it February already? yikes. haha.

    Enjoy your cocoa!!!