Thursday, November 4, 2010


Alyssa, my oldest daughter, was telling me a story about a young women where she attends college.  She said an apartment manager went to check the big trash can bin to see if the trash had come and he heard a bag moving.  At first he thought it to be a squirrel or something.  But thought again and decided to check the bag.  When he opened it he found a baby.  He called the police and it took a few days for them to figure out who the baby belong to.  When they did they learned the young lady is 24.  She had one baby she gave up for adoption.  Her 2nd baby she dropped off at a fire station.  And her third she put in the trash.  I am not sure what happens in a life to make a person resort to throwing away their baby.  She is intelligent enough to know what her options were with the first two. Of course the young women is in jail and as of right now her charge is attempted murder.  I am sure more charges will follow.  I just found this such a sad story.  I do not know what I would do with out my three.  I feel so blessed that God gave them to me.  Please pray for the women she is going to need all the prayers she can get.

Another kid story my son, Ryan, and his girlfriend went to rent a movie in their college town.  He said as they were picking their movie there was a women and man with a little boy.  I think my son said the boy was probably around the age of 5.  He said the women was calling the little boy all kinds of mean names that I will not repeat on my blog.  He did say the women and her boyfriend/husband did seem a little slow.  But I don't think Ryan knew how to handle the situation.  He was distraught over the names these people were calling their child.  What do you think is a good way to handle this kind of situation?  You know if this is going on in public think about what is going on in their home.    Should he have approached the women and told her it is inappropriate to talk to a child that way?  Should he have told the store manager to approach the couple?  Or call the police and let them approach them?  The police of course can not do anything about verbal abuse, I don't think, but at least it would have been on record.  This is a hard one for me. 

I remember having days I thought I was just going to pull my hair out when my kids were little.  Sometimes I still have those days at preschool.  But what a blessing those little ones are.  They all to soon grow up and go off to college.  Just keep remembering to breathe and pray.  They will be grown in a blink of an eye. 




  1. Oh Crystal, what saddness. I certainly have had my share of "bad days" but can't imagine going to these extremes. That could be me but for Christ in my life. You are right... anger really isn't the right response... this young lady needs prayer and hope... someone needs to reach her. This "mom" needs Christ... she probably grew up much the same way and knows nothing else. How sad. I will cherish my children today... and I will thank God for working in my life.

  2. No easy way to handle any of those situations.

    The woman who put her baby in the trash was all over the news in my area. So very sad. I wasn't aware she had two other children previously. You would have thought she would have been more educated than throwing the baby in a dumpster.

    Truly sad!

  3. Wow, both said stories. Yes, they sure are blessings. They grow way too fast!Thank God someone found that baby!Blessings,Marla

  4. Just stopping by to say I love you!

  5. It's hard to know what to say to people who are verbally abusing a child or spouse or friend. I had a situation in the store, today, where I cashier that a little boy was playing with a harmonica, blowing in it. It didn't get bought. He ran around with a cool flashlight, put it back then took another one and later left it in the aisle and drug out a sprinkler. All the while his father was shopping in the store. He finally made the boy put sprinkler away and boy reluctantely put other flashlight away but then walked back to the harmonicas, and not sure what he did there as he was acting strangely. I can only go so far in those circumstances and can't accuse anyone of anything. Then father was questioning price on something he bought and he'd looked at wrong item tag for price, which happens alot. Oh the joys of working retail or just dealing with people. It's hard sometimes. Hugs!