Monday, November 1, 2010

Another follow up

I went in to have my sonogram today.  My husband came home early from work and took me.  So sweet, I did not know he was planning to go along with me.  He said of course he was going he was not going to have me go by myself.  So off we went.  I go back in the room and get my gown on.  The tech comes in and tells me the doctor would like to compare my xrays again so we know what we are looking at and what we need to do.  I said ok and she was off.  I think I was in the freezing cold room in the beautiful gown they gave me to put on for about 10 minutes.  By myself, sitting and wondering how this was going to go.  I said my prayers while I sat there.  I thought about what kind of life changes this could bring to me and my family.  I thought about preschool that morning and singing the song over and over in my head we sang.  It went like this: 4 hugs a day thats the minamin, 4 hugs a day not the maximum. Then I am thinking do I hug Court 4 times a day?  Hmm.  Note to self to pay attention to that.  I think, ok, how are we going to pay for our half of this sonogram with Christmas coming?  I pray again that Lord whatever your will is that I accept it with grace.  Then the tech comes in and says well the doctor is not seeing anything different in the mammograms from a few years ago.  Your cysts are in the same place and the same size and he was not sure why the other doctor wanted me to come in.  So she apologized again and said we are not going to need to do the sonogram.  So  I am going to take that as a blessing and wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.  I know they are what made all the difference. 




  1. Been out of the bloggy world for a few crazy weeks, sorry to hear about this shock but am SO HAPPY that the shock went this Well!!!

    God is Awesome!

  2. you are in my prayers. glad to hear you're doing better.