Monday, July 26, 2010

I Won

I actually won something.  I was so excited to find out I won some cookies.  I entered a giveaway here at The Homespun Heart. It is just one of my favorite blogs. She is just so inspirational.  Any way baking is just one of the things I love to do for my family.  I just thought the packaging was so cute and I knew the cookies had to be wonderful.  I was right.  I made the Double Dutch Chocolate last night. They were gone in no time.  I thought I had just won one roll of cookies but they sent me 3.  How generous is that.  You need to check out their cute website here at the Ice Box Bakery.  What a fun gift for a college student who needs little touches of home once in a while. They can take them out of the freezer and bake when ever they have the time.  Or for those days you want a treat but just do not have the time to bake from scratch.  I run into that a lot during the busy school year.  Thanks so much The Homespun Heart and Ice Box Bakery.  I so enjoy these types of little blessings.




  1. Hi Crystal :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It's wonderful to meet other Kansas bloggers. It's a good life we lead here and (like you) I love to share it with others. Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Crystal!

    That is super fun that they sent you the cookie dough so you didn't have to run around and find it! So glad you made the cookies and enjoyed them - I loved the Double Chocolate as well!


  3. Woo Hoo!!! So glad you won the cookies. I love getting things in the mail and this looked like a fun package to receive. Have a blessed week and enjoy those cookies. :D