Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don't know why I did not take pictures.  I already put things on their shelves and I am to lazy to get them all out to take one sorry.  My garden is doing ok.  The tomatoes are starting to turn red.  Court and I ate one for lunch yesterday we just could not wait.  My mouth was watering when I picked it.  I have had 5 green peppers already and a lot more starting to grow.  I have made stir fry with a few and the others I diced and put in the freezer for winter. The jalapenos are doing great I have cut and canned them. I put up 3 jars so far.  We (me) love jalapenos on so many things.  I like things spicy.  My father in law was going out of town so he brought me tomatoes, jalapeno, sweet peppers, corn, and potatoes.  I made 2 batches of salsa. We have I am guessing about 35 or 40 bags of frozen corn.  The kids won't eat corn unless it comes from Grandpas garden. They say it is just not the same.  It is a lot of work but so worth it.  With the sweet pepper I cut them open and filled with cream cheese and bacon  oh my they are so good.  Some I cut and diced for stir fry and stuck in the freezer.  I just love summer gardens.  I really try to remember that when the heat index reaches 110 here on some days.  Just gotta love summer.  Now the peaces should be ready soon.  We only have one jar of peach jam left so we are in need.  Hope your garden and summer is going well.  We are gearing up for a garage sale now.  Ugh. 



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  1. My garden is finally getting ready to pick. Tomatoes are coming on and I think we can eat some lettuce this week. have eaten a few strawberries. I made marionberry jam on Sat. YUM! Hope to do at least 3 more batches of jam this summer.