Monday, June 7, 2010

The Plaza Experince

Saturday my husband had to ref 4 basketball games. Ryan went to his girlfriends, grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Courtney my youngest was babysitting for a family friend all day and of course Alyssa is living in Emporia.  So what to do stay home and clean or go with Mike.  He was refering games down by the Plaza in Missouri.  It is a wonderful place.  Very expensive but a great place to look around.  So I decided to go with Mike.  While he was refing I would go window shopping.  It was so fun.  I was  little out of my element though.  I am a small town girl pretty sheltered I guess you would say.  While I was window shopping I came across some pretty neat things (pictures below) and interesting people.  One young lady I came across was sitting in front of a store with a baby in a stroller and a little boy sitting next to her.  She stopped me and asked me if I had any money for her to get a hotel room for the night.  Now I am a person who usually never carries cash and it was true on this day also.  I had $2.00 so I gave that to her.  I just felt so bad.  She was young, very clean and the kids were so cute.  I window shopped a little more and decided I was done and started to head back to where Mike was Refing.  On the way back a homeless man decided to keep me company. I was a little nervous and I could smell alcohol on his breath but our conversation went a little like this.
Hi my name is Rick

Hi Rick my name is Crystal.  It is nice to meet you.
(We shake hands)

I am homeless

Oh I am sorry Rick

It is ok but look at my arm
(It was all cut up)
They jumped me last night.

Oh my I am so sorry I am glad you are ok.

Yea me to.  A lady should not be walking around down here by herself. 

Well I am headed back to my husband now.

Well God Bless you but I see he already has

Thank you Rick.  It was nice to meet you.

He never did ask me for any money.  Which I had none to give since I just gave it all to the young lady. But it was an experience for me to step out of my own little world.  So the young lady with the kids and Rick are in my prayer journal.  I wish them much happiness and better days ahead.

So cute she is watering the flower stems.

Wishing well

Isn't this cute. I wished Ruben was with me to use it.

I bought Ruben some doggie treats here.

They had the most beautiful paper.  I spent a long time in here.
I just thought this was pretty.

The Plaza

Quiet Talk Statue.  I love it.

This is such a cool plant.

After Mike was done with his games we went and used a gift certificate I had been saving.  It was for the Olive Garden, one of my favorite places.  I could eat and eat and eat their salad and bread sticks.  So we each told our stories about our day and had a quite dinner.  Oh I loved it. I thank the lord for the lesson learned and the wonderful time spent with my husband.



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