Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Now that it is summer time my routine is a little different.  I usually get up between 5 and 5:30.  I hear my son getting ready for work so I get up to see if he needs anything. He has a wonderful summer job.  He is saving money for college this fall. Then  usually I pick up the house a bit if I was to tired to do it the night before.  I then go outside with the dog and check the garden or my flowers.  Morning is my favorite.  It is so peaceful. Right now I brush the dog every morning, he is shedding so bad. Then it is time for my devotions. I have to do them in the morning or I feel as if I can not function.  Sometimes I will sit at the kitchen table.
Other times I will stay outside and sit on my swing.  (I really need to decide on material for pillows)
 Other times I sit on my couch.  Or maybe just lay in my bed.  I believe God does not care where you spend time with him just make the time to do it.  If I chose today my favorite place would be the swing.  Just because it is summer and I love to listen to the birds.  In winter I would say my couch all wrapped in a blanket or my bed.  Where is you favorite place to do your devotions and talk to the Lord?

Have a wonderful day.




  1. My favorite place in the summer is out back of my house by the pond. I have a garden swing there and every morning the many, many birds are singing and there is action on the water with geese, great blue herons and ducks, (yesterday a ma-ma and her babies.) It is peaceful and quiet, the perfect place to talk to our heavenly Father about everything. :D

  2. I usually prefer to pray in my room, although outside is inspirational because I live in the mountains and the God's majesty is all around me, everywhere I look.

    I just found your blog and will be stopping in more often, I really like it here!! :-) Thanks for making such a sweet spot on the internet!