Friday, June 4, 2010


You just never know what words come out of your mouth that may help or hurt someone.  I don't have a personal  facebook page nor do I want one.  I do have a facebook page that I use for coupons or free items.  All of my family have one though and my youngest daughter and my son said, "mom come look at Alyssa's facebook".  I look at her page and this is what her status says:  "I love my mama, she always knows the exact things to say when I need her".  I am not sure what I said o help her out but I am so happy I did. So choose your words wisely you just never know.  Love you to Alyssa.




  1. Hi Crystal. I'm Tina and found you through BFF and now following your blog. Would love for you to visit my site sometime. You seem to have a wonderful relationship with your daughter and I have a 19 year old that considers me her best friend. :)