Friday, March 5, 2010


What A Great Deal

I did something I have never done before, I bought coupons on E-Bay. The grocery store I shop at had Purex Laundry Detergent on sale for $1.97. That is such a good buy. The paper had the buy one get one free coupon. I just had to have more detergent at that price since that was almost $1.00 a jug. So I hopped on E-Bay and found 10 coupons for $3.29. Then found another set of 10 for $1.54. So for $44.23 + tax I got 40 bottles of laundry soap. (I did give a couple away that is why there is not 40 in the picture). I am figuring with tax every bottle cost approximately $1.30 a bottle. That will for sure help the food budget for a while. We go through a lot of soap with Alyssa away at school doing her laundry, me doing ours here and Ryan getting ready to go to school he will need soap also. I am quite proud of myself. When I first heard of people buying coupons on E-Bay I thought how weird. Now with the right deal I am sold. It worked out great.
I just love saving money with coupons. I am having so much fun finding the best deals that I can.


  1. good thing you got so much. we'll be needing that for all of my laundry. haha love you