Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where are the moms

Ok, don't get me wrong I love looking at all the blogs that I can. There are so many informative ones, pretty ones, and funny ones. Every blog I come across all have small children. I would have loved to have the resources moms have today to help with raising children, money, cooking, just about anything. My problem is I can not find anyone with children my kids age. I have one in college, one getting ready to go into college and one in middle school. I know there has to be some great blogs out there with kids close to those ages. I just need to find them. There is such a big difference between raising toddlers and trying to support two households so your oldest can make it through college in this world that is so different since we were in school. I would love to see how other people are doing it, I am sure there are some great ideas on how to save money, what lines not to cross, meeting the boy friend your daughter face lights up about etc. So, where are you.


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  1. Ohh what a great deal! I wish they had coupons in my country but it's something they simply don't do here.
    I read your previous entry and some of my children (I have 8) are the same age as yours. The only thing is I don't blog about my family!

    Have a sunny weekend!