Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Makes A Happy Home and Heart

What makes a happy home and heart? Here are some of the things on my list:

1. The love of my husband
2. Hearing my teenage kids talk to each other about what is going on in their lives
3. My devotions in the morning (Just starts my day right)
4. Walking into my home after a long day (It is always good to be home)
5. All 5 of us home at the same time. (not to often with Alyssa at college)
6. Eating family dinner together
7. Cooking dinner (most of the time)
8. Working in my garden
9. Working in my flower beds
10. Having time to watch a movie at home
11. Family coming for a visit
12. Pancakes and bacon in the morning
13. A clean house
14. Hearing the kids laugh
15. Watching snow fall from my front window
16. Watching the birds from my front window
17. Hearing children outside in the neighborhood playing on a warm, sunny day
18. The sound of a lawn mower
19. Open windows in the house
20. Hearing thank you for whatever from the kids

That is all for now. I know there will be more so to be continued............


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