Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Few Scary Things


Just not sure what to think sometimes. I was having a conversation with a mom who is well into her 40's with a child my daughters age. Her morals to me were way off. I could not believe some of the things that came out of her mouth in regards to relationships. It makes me sad and at the same time scares me that our kids are the same age and communicate quite often. I just hope and pray that Courtney will keep the morals we have tried to instill in her as well as Alyssa and Ryan. Another thing that scares me right now is the money struggles our schools are going through. I received an e-mail today explaining some of the things our schools are considering dropping like no bus riders in town, no sports, getting rid of 17 positions including teachers so class size will be a lot bigger, higher lunch prices, kindergarten back to half days unless parent wants to pay for the other half day. reducing number of school days. That is just a few things and it depends how much money the schools loose. But oh this is so bad. Education is so important I just hope our Senators and Representative can make the right decisions. I will be keeping them in my prayers as they make these hard, hard decisions. One more scary thing are the attitudes of my preschoolers at school. Some times it is hard to believe the attitudes they have, some of the words that come out of their mouths and the way their parents let the kids act when they are with them. You know they are just copying their parents or what they see on TV. I have a hard time believing parents think some of these things are acceptable. Some thing else to add to my prayer list. I know these things should not scare me. I just need to lift them up in prayer and release them. That is so hard to do. So something else I need to pray about.


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