Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Babies are growing up

Well it seems my two oldest children are growing up. Ryan heard from Emporia and he was accepted. Not that I really had any doubt but it has been made official. I can not believe Mike and I are old enough to almost have two kids in college. It does make my heart happy that they have goals. I could not be any more proud. At least until the next wonderful mile stone in there lives. I think it will be nice having both of them at the same college. Makes it a little easier on us.
Alyssa has a boyfriend and they had a wonderful Valentines Day. He seems to be so sweet and treats her so wonderful. He took her ice skating, then to a movie and dinner. He gave her a very pretty necklace and a stuffed animal. Wow, that is a lot for a broke college kid. He must have been saving for a bit. I can not believe the way her face lights up when she talks about him. I have never seen her like this. It makes my heart so happy for her.
That is what makes my heart happy today. What makes yours happy on this wonderful Tuesday.


  1. Id never thought id say that im actually excited for Ry to come to the same school as me. I think it will be a lot of fun! =) I cant wait to see you all hopefully on Thursday! Have a good rest of the week. Love you mom! xoxoxo

  2. Oh my... what a stunning family!!