Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poor Puppy

This is Ruben today :)

This was Ruben on Thursday :(

Our poor dog Ruben. He was so sick on Thursday. I could not figure out what was wrong with him. He had a fever, he hardly moved and he kept licking his bottom. I thought maybe he has worms. When I got home from school I took him straight to the doctor. Come to find out he did have a fever of 105. It is suppose to be between 101 and 102. So it was quite high. The vet looks him all over and says he looks like he has allergies and he has been licking his bottom so much because it was his hot spot. The vet had to shave his bottom, put medicine on it and gave him a shot of cortisone. She then gave me some antibiotics for 10 days. His fever went away the next day but he still did not really act himself until today. Oh he had me scared. Our animals are just like family they are a vital part. We all love him dearly. I was so worried Thursday night that Ruben and I slept out in the living room together. I wanted to make sure he did not bother his hot spot and I got up a few times to take his temperature to make sure it was not getting any higher. I know that is crazy but he is just like one of the kids. So today my heart is so happy he is feeling better.

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