Tuesday, February 2, 2010

College Visit

Well today Mike, Ryan and I all go for a college visit to Emporia State. Ryan is still trying to figure out where he wants to go to college. He has talked about a few junior colleges. We made a visit to one. He went to Pitt State for a visit and hated it so now on to Emporia. So far his goals are as follows: Get a degree in Criminal Justice then go to a police academy. After being a police officer/investigator he would like to be a U.S. Marshall. This is what it is for now. As some know he was thinking about enlisting. He has decided to put that on hold for now. He says it is not out of the picture but he thinks he would like to get a degree and then think about it. He could then enlist as an officer. He has also thought about being a Fireman/EMT. Well, they say the average college student changes their major 4 times. Wow. I know it is so hard to make such decisions when you are young and trying to figure out who you are. All I can really help him with is encouragement, love and a lot of prayers. Oh, and some money. Alyssa seems to be fine with him attending the same college as her. She is excited that we are coming today. I can't wait to see her. One of her good friends may be our tour guide today. I hope so. Well I will let you know how things go. Please keep Ryan in your prayers this is a big decision for him.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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