Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why me?


Well yesterday I had one of those, WHY ME?, days. With Alyssa's car needing to be fixed so she could get back to school. I was asking that question. WHY ME? Why does this stuff always happen to me, (actually us). Well her car was done by 8:30 a.m. but the mechanic said the tread was coming off one of her tires and it needed replaced. He proceeded to tell me he did not have one so he could not help out with that. I hurried and called around and finally found the size she needed on my last call to a mechanic in town. You have to remember we live in a small town so there are not a lot of choices. All the mechanics were saying, "Sorry I don't have it in stock but I can get it by Thursday". Well that was not working out since she had to leave to get back to school today. So again I was asking WHY ME? Why does this stuff always happen when we can't afford it or have the time to deal with it? Then later in my day I had one of my preschool parents tell us about a tragedy in their family they are going through right now and she said at first we were asking WHY ME? Why is this happening to me? Then she proceeded to say we thought about it and thought Why not me? What makes me so special that things can't happen to me? So, why not me? That really got me thinking Why not me? I am not any more special than any one else in this world. Maybe my mechanic really needed the money and I just helped him out. Or the mechanic I just bought the tire from maybe he really needed that $72.00. Maybe you are asking that question in your life about something you are going through. Car troubles is nothing compared to what some people are going through but at the time you go through it, it feels like the weight of the world. Maybe you are going through cancer, have lost a loved one, have money trouble, what ever it is do you ask the question, WHY ME? Well, Why not you? The young mom of a preschooler will never really know how much she really got me thinking. I hope it does you also.


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