Monday, January 11, 2010


Well it was back to school and work after having a few snow days. We had Thursday and Friday off so it made for a nice, long, wonderful weekend. I love to stay home with the family. We don't get to all be home to often together any more with Alyssa away at college. But back to the real world we all went today. Mike just did not have time to change the oil in Alyssa's car before she goes back to school tomorrow. Between working his regular job, referring, the weather, a few kid activities and actually spending a little time with the family he did not have time to get it squeezed in. So he told me to call around town and find out how much an oil change is and have it done. So I did, a whopping $30.00 to have her oil changed. That is just crazy. I thought Mike was going to hit the fan but told me to go ahead we just don't have a choice. So Alyssa took her car and had the oil done and the mechanic (a man who attends our church and we trust) said she needed an intake manifold gasket. I said OK well what will that cost? He says it is costly about $700.00. Are you kidding me so now the $30.00 oil change is going to total $730.00. Well, she has to go back to school tomorrow can you have it done by then I ask him? He says yes I will stay late and get most of it done so she can have it by lunch. I tell him I will have to call him back I have to call Mike. I call Mike, I tell him the story and he says, "You have got to be kidding me"? Oh he is not happy but said what choice do we have she needs to be safe when she drives to and from Emporia. So her car is at the shop getting fixed. I know I need to be thankful the mechanic caught it and could get it fixed so quickly but that is not one of the things you want to hear on a Monday or really any day of the week. Remember my word this year Believe. Well right now I need to Believe, Believe, Believe the lords timing is perfect.

So on to happier things I started making meal plans for a week at a time. I can not believe how much I love it. I don't have to come home from an exhausting day of preschool and decide what's for dinner. I already have the week planned. Tonight, since it is Monday, we are having meatless Monday. Tonight it is salad, loaded bake potato's and peaches. I will have a little crumbled bacon to put on the potato's but not much so pretty much still meatless. I bought the salad on sale for $1.00. I don't usually buy bag salad but it was on sale at a good price and the potato's I bought on sale a 10 pound bag for $2.00 and the peaches were free. They were given to us this last summer and I canned a bunch of them. So I know this meal is well under $5.00. Can't beat that.

Well I hope you had a marvelous Monday. Mine could have been better but could have always been a lot worse.


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