Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok, So I know a lot of people are eating from the pantry in January. But for us we do that in December. It is kind of out with the old in December and in with the new in January for us. Also eating from the pantry in December really helps us with the extra expenses in the month. No matter how well I plan other things always come up. There were some really great things on sale and with my coupons I was able to get get a lot of great deals. I was out of everything from flour to meat. Some of the great deals were chicken for $1.68 a pound, hamburger for .99 a pound, 5# bag of potatoes for .79. I also bought fruit but forgot to put it in the picture. I went to Sam's Club I needed flour along with a few other things. I always get flour in a 25# bag for $6.00. I then bag it up and stick it in the freezer. I know I bake a lot and that might not work out for you if you don't but what a great price. I was able to buy one get one free on laundry soap and fabric softener. I bought Alyssa a few things to take back to her apartment with her next time she comes home. I did use this weeks grocery allowance and next weeks but the sales were just to good to pass up when we needed everything. Now I need to finish baking cookies for Courtney's volleyball tournament tomorrow since I have ingredients to do so. Hope you can finds a few great bargains. It is just a thrill when you do.


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