Friday, January 29, 2010

Make your home a haven: Time to plan

I have to plan out everything. We have pretty crazy schedules.

**First I always look at our family calendar. I keep everything on it. What nights Mike Refs, Courtney's volleyball practices and tournaments, Alyssa's game nights at college, Ryans sports and when things are due since he is a senior. Just anything.

**After I look at the calendar I can make my meal plan for the week. I try to have things that are in the crock pot when we are going to have different dinner schedules. Having a meal plan helps me so much when I come home from preschool exhausted. I don't have to give any thought to dinner. I just have to have the energy to make it.

**Our grocery adds usually come out on Wednesday's so I start on Wednesday matching coupons and sale adds and finish up on Thursdays. Then I usually go to the store on Fridays. We only have classes in the morning so that leaves me the afternoons to get errands done while the kids are in school.

**Laundry I seem to always do on Saturday and Wednesday or Thursday. That just seems to be when someone needs something. And the loads are large ones so I don't feel like I am wasting energy doing a tiny load.

**Dusting, moping and general cleaning I usually do also on Fridays or Saturdays. It depends what our weekends look like. Every week I try to clean one drawer or cabinet. It just makes me feel better.

**That is what works for me. I really think the key is just being organized. Of course things change with the seasons also. I just love to be outside in the spring and summer. Maybe the key really is being organized and flexible.

Happy Friday



  1. "Organized and flexible" - I always act like these are opposites, but they're really not!

  2. just stopping by to say hi and i love you mom!!!