Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Thursday

Where I would like to be: At the beach with my family. I am tired of the cold.
What I hear: Ryan fixing a burrito because he does not want what we are having for dinner.
What things are on my mind right now: Meeting Alyssa's boyfriend tomorrow; Ryan and college, Courtney and the cold and cough she has.
How was my day at preschool: Loud but fun. It was pajama day. Love it, so comfortable
What's the weather here: Cold and is suppose to snow again :(
What I am wondering right now: What time Mike will be home from refing basketball
What my devotion was about today: God's faithfullness
What I did when I got home from work: Cleaned the bathrooms. yuck

What I am greatfull for: My cozy home.


1 comment:

  1. I stop by your blog every now and then, and every time I do, I think to myself, "What a gorgeous family picture. I really need to do that sometime with all white shirts and an outside, green background!" :o)