Thursday, January 7, 2010

Football Book

Ryan came home the other day with this Panther Football Book. It is really neat. It has all the newspaper articles from the season and all the team stats. Ryans stats were awesome. You know it was a lot of work on the part of his coaches who were the ones to put it together. With Ryan being a Senior I know he will really treasure this book. He had so much fun learning and playing the game. I know he will miss it. Mike and I will sure miss watching him. It is a game that makes me nervous because it is so rough but he really showed me how tough he is. One more semester for him in high school. He is doing so well in school and taking a few college courses also. He is our only boy and we could not be more proud of him and the choices he makes. Such a good kid. As with any parent I could go on and on about our kids. I thank the lord everyday for the 3 wonderful children he has given us.

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