Friday, January 8, 2010

2nd Snow Day

Well you might think this is odd but Courtney and I decided to keep one of our Christmas trees up all year. We chose the one down stairs in the family room because it is a lot smaller. Also, it is not right by the front window where everyone can see it and wonder why those wierd people still have a Christmas tree up. We have themes planned for most of the months. Right now we have snowmen on it. It is pretty cute. Since we were home from school on a snow day we decided to get things made for February. We decorated some simple hearts. It was fun to this with her. We bought some tree lights in all different colors for a $1.00 a box after Christmas. We plan to use red for Valentines Day. I will take a picture of it when we get it together in a week or so. We will see if we can keep up the themes or will it just get to be to much. Maybe I will just get tired of looking at a Christmas tree all year.

It is so very cold here today. Just miserable. It felt like -30 at times today. I am so thankful I have a warm home. Say a prayer for the people who are not as lucky as we are and that they are able to find some where to go while it is so cold outside.


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