Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Longer a Teenager

This sweet little boy is growing up way to fast. 

It seems it was just yesterday I was running around the house telling him to put some clothes on because he loved to be a naked boy.  Sorry Ryan.

Today at 1:30 a.m. this handsome young man turned 20 years old. 

Picture taken by Macy

How did I get old enough to have a son that is 20 years old and in college.   I love watching you grow into a wonderful, God loving, caring and hard working young man.  Some of my prayers for you everyday are for you to Grow in Grace, have Self Control, Courage, Kindness, Joy and  be Self Disciplined.

Thank you for being a wonderful son. I love you
Happy 20th Birthday



  1. Happy Birthday, Ryan. It's amazing how fast our children grow up. When we were in the midst of all the school activities and church and everything else, it was great and thinking someday they will grow up and when they did, then we look back and wonder.....but it's great they are growing and still loving the Lord.It's been great being a mom and I still enjoy both of our adult children! My prayers for you and your family in these changing times. Hugs to you Crystal!

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan, you are a blessing to those you know, those that will come to know you and you will make a difference! What a great post!