Monday, May 16, 2011

Giving a Little Room

                           Happiness is waking up and seeing this,

My sons car sitting in front of the house.  He is home from college for the summer.  Yea!!  He is giving himself this week off and then he starts working full time.  He was telling me he can not believe he just finished his freshman year of college and passed.  We are just so proud of him. 

                                        Alyssa on the other hand
stays at school.  She is going to work full time on campus and take a class.  She is going to be a senior in the fall.  As long as she passes all her classes, this time next year we will have a college graduate.  Wow, that really makes me feel old.  We are so proud of her.

                                   And for the baby of the family

 Yes this is her eating cheese balls with a fork, she did not want to get her hands dirty
Well she is promoting from the eighth grade to high school in just about a week. So technically she is not a baby anymore.  Ugh.  Just the other night she had her eighth grade promotion dance.  Her dad and I were chaperons and boy is it funny to watch the kids.  The boys would sit in one corner, and the girls stood in the middle.  I just love it.   Nobody really ever danced.  They would just all stand around and talk, occasionally have a snack or a bottle of water.  I love that most of them are still afraid of each other. 

It is so hard watching your babies grow up and find their place in the world.  We try so hard to teach them what we think they will need to know when they are out on their own including the most important about staying on the path God wants you on and to always look to him for guidance in all times and especially in times when you just don't know what to do.  When I came home the other day from work I found this little guy sitting on a pillow on my porch swing.
Is he just adorable?  Him and his mommy were just talking back and forth.  I am sure she was guiding him what to do and when to do it.  Just as we do with our children, and just as God does when we ask for his guidance.  I stood and watched this little guy and his mommy for quite sometime.  It does not matter what we are a mommy to, we all just want what is best for our kids and try to teach them to the best of our ability.  The mommy to this little one was doing a wonderful job she was in teaching mode but also staying back just far enough to let him learn on his own.  That is something I work on everyday.  I can not be there to fix everything (even though I want to).  I just want to be far enough away to guide them but also let them learn how to handle things in life.  It is wonderful to watch their little wings spread wide.

I am so very, very proud of you three.  Thanks for being such wonderful children

Just a little bragging but the kids gave me Easter/Mothers Day/Birthday presents.  This is what I got. 

Courtney and Mike bought me these. I got these items from JCPenneys.  I only spent $17.00 for all the things listed below.    I love finding good bargains.
                                                           2 shirts

I love me some JCPenneys.  

Alyssa gave me this, I wear it everyday.

                                                 Bling, Bling

Ryan gave me these
They are just gorgeous

I am just so lucky.  I thank God everyday for the family he has trusted me with.  I could not ask for anything more. 




  1. It's hard to see our children grow up. But they will always hold a special place in my heart. Son made us grandparents 2x now and loving his wife. I spent some time making a photo book online that was part of my mother's day gift. Did you see that post just last week? Love your thoughts and a Belated Happy Birthday. I couldn't leave a comment since later I found out blogger was down. Oh well, that happens! Have a great week, my friend!

  2. Your joy is just spilling over Marsha! My daughter is home from college too and spending most of her time catching up on sleep and friends(oh well.. its only been a week, it ought to get better!)

    God's grace will get us moms through this season of life too.. letting them grow up and make their own decisions.. so HARD!

    Thanks for visiting my place and leaving such a sweet comment.

    God Bless!

  3. I love your kids!
    They are great!
    And I love your gifts!
    My favorite is the mug with the flowers. I love polka dots!
    Come and check out my blog! You won the wreath!

  4. My favorite picture is your daughter eating the cheeseballs with the fork! That is hilarious! And, what great gifts they found for you. I really like that watch!

  5. The hardest part of them growing up is the letting go and praying we did the right thing! You did, it shows and I am eating my cheese balls next time with a fork! Leave it to a tween to show me the way!