Thursday, April 14, 2011


Usually the very first thing I do when I wake, at 4:30 a.m. every  morning, is let my dog out.  If I do not he will not leave me alone while I do my devotions.  When I opened the door I could see something in the street but could not quite tell what it was since it was so dark.  When I was leaving for work I saw it was this.

Ok, that is so gross.  It was really windy that night and I am assuming the neighbors trash got knocked over.  Then someone proceeded to run over it in the alley and drug it out in the street. That could happen.  I thought well they will see it and pick it up or the trash man will be here soon and will have to drive right over it surely he will pick it up.  Right?  Nope neither the neighbor or the trash man picked it up.  When I came home for lunch it was still all there.  I was kind of upset.  I think if that is your trash you know.  I would know if it was ours.  It had everything in it from Kentucky Fried Chicken boxes to diapers. If you ate Kentucky and have a baby you know that trash is yours, pick it up.  I thought well I am going to leave it there until I get home from work a little after 3.  When I got home it was pick up.  My husband works early morning hours and so he is home from work before I am.  I said did you see all that trash?  He said, "Yes it was still there when I got home so I got a shovel and picked it all up."  Ugh, ok.  I just could not believe someone was so lazy they would not pick up the trash that was theirs.  Or even the trash man who drove right by it. 

The point to this story?  I don't know, it just made me upset that someone could not pick up their own trash or that someone else could not take the time to go above and beyond the job they are paid to do. 

 I'm done ranting. 




  1. That kind of thing bothers me too. Wow! I'm impressed that your hubby went out there and scooped it up! I think my husband probably would have been oblivious.

  2. Cracking up because we have had the same thing happening here lately.
    It drives me crazy!
    I find McDonalds bags all the time and people's mail with their names still on it.
    We might be the only people on our block with lids on our cans.
    We have a corner house so when the wind blows, it all stays in our yard.
    All I can say is I here ya sister and if anyone has a can without a lid- just get a lid.

  3. ewwww that is sooo gross. I probably would have gagged. Im sitting here in the library taking a break. 4 hours in here is KILLING MEEEEE. Anyways, Im done ranting now. haha. Love you Mom!!!

  4. I would probably rant too...
    :) We're not perfect!