Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank Goodness for Little Brothers

It is so hard some days having 2 kids away at college.  I worry about making sure they are safe or can we get to them if they need us right away.  Just a lot of little things.  Every day I pray that God takes these little worries from me and just put my heart and stomach at ease.  It is a daily struggle for me but I am really trying.  I guess maybe I am one of those mom's who has a hard time cutting the apron strings.  I just want to lock them in our house keep them safe and not let them go through all of lifes dailey struggles.  Obviously that is not realistic.  So a lot of praying has to be done on my part.  The other day Alyssa calls me in kind of a panic.

She said, "I left my lights on and my car won't start now". 

"Oh, Alyssa",  I said

She said," I have to get to the dance studio".

I said, "Well, call your brother and see if he can come jump start your car for you".

She said. "Yeah that is what I was going to do."

She had a friend take her to work so she was not to late.   Little brother to the rescue.

She called him and asked what he was doing?

 He said, "Studying".

 Yes, that is good to hear.  I was happy about that.   

She said, "Will you come to my house and jump start my car for me before the storm hits"? 

It was about to storm bad and they were under a tornado watch.  Being the good little brother he is he went right over got it started in just a couple of minutes.  All before it started to rain.  I am so thankful they are at college together.  It sure helps this mommy know they have each other to rely on when we are so far away.   

Letting your kids grow up is so hard.  I am not really crazy about.

Thanks Ryan for helping your big sister out.  You are such a blessing.



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  1. Amen that Ryan is the type of brother who cares about his sister's well being (he'll be a great husband one day) and amen that Ryan knows how to jump a car!!!
    (I don't)