Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Blessings

Happy Easter friends.  Spring and Easter are here.  It really helps my mood when the warm weather starts to settle in and the wonderful sun shows it's self a little more often than it does in the winter.  Some of the flowers are popping up in my yard. 

Oh they make me feel so happy!

I was walking home from work and found this wonderful creation on the ground. 

It is absolutely amazing to me how such a small creature can make a nest like this.  It is wound around so tight and the mommy and daddy were really thinking when they put the really soft stuff in the middle so everyone will be extra comfy.  I know that is always my goal at home.  I want everyone to feel welcome and oh so comfortable.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter filled with church, family, food and fellowship. 


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  1. How amazing these photos are and a perfect representation of spring!

  2. Love your photos. I found some wild iris on the coast and wanted to bring them home with me but that's not allowed. So I took photos of them instead. We had a good Easter as well!

  3. Happy Birthday Crystal! Wish I had the day off!!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Hope you had a great Easter! I too marvel at nests. How do they do that? What also fascinates is that a bird will add to her nest, feathers she plucks from herself- not the ones that fall to the ground and get dirty. They only use the best and softest. We mothers are all quite the same! Happy Mother's Day Crystal!