Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now Poor Poor Ryan

Yesterday I received a phone call from my son.  I thought he was saying, "I just got in a wreck, I laid my phone down and it was stolen."  But he actually said, "Mom I am at the Rec. had my phone laying down and somebody stole it."  As you know Ryan is away at college.  The Rec. is the place he works out everyday because he loves to work out.  I guess he and his buddy a long with other people always leave there bags and phones on a table.  Well this time somebody decided to steal his phone.  Ugh.  What is it this week with people stealing my kids things.  Well I called and called and called even left a few nasty messages for the thief.  Finally I called our phone carrier and had his phone suspended.  So if they were planning to use the phone on my dime that won't be happening but of course if they just needed a new phone and put their Sim card in it, well I guess Happy Birthday to them.  Then Ryan told me on his phone which is all touch he had programed a special swipe so no one could get in his phone.  I guess that means unless the thief is lucky and figures out the swipe, the phone is no good to him.  Ryans expensive phone that we just bought him at Christmas will probably be in the bottom of a trash some where. 

I know, I know with both my kids it was just stuff that was stolen and I am so thankful both of them are ok.  GPS stolen ok can live with out, camera I guess she can live without but messing with mommas way of communicating with her son, NOT OK.  Ryan went to the phone store to see what a phone would cost to buy out right, way to expensive.  So he got on E-Bay last night and found a phone that he wanted and was very affordable.  He should have it Friday of Saturday.  In the mean time he has given me his room mates phone number if I should have to reach him. 

I pray the thieves enjoy the things they stole but with a little bit of a guilty feelings every time they pick them up.  Is it ok to pray for that?  Probably not, so I pray the thieves enjoy their new toys.  Better?

Man is it really only Wednesday?




  1. Oh, man!
    Isn't there someway the phone company can trace it?
    Tell Ryan I'm so sorry and praying for him.
    P.S.- Tell Court not to take any electronics with her anywhere- does not seem to be a good idea this week. :)

  2. Oh Crystal.. the devil's on your poor back this week for sure! Tell your kids to join you in doing lots of praise and worship this week. If they listen to Christian Rock bands they'll get plenty! When the enemy's on my back I crank up the volume and fill my home with praise and worship music and tell him he's got no power over me. It works every time!

    Love & Blessings

  3. aaarrggghhhh... isn't that the worst! We went out to dinner this past Sunday and my husband left his brand new iPhone on the table and when he went back someone had already taken it. He only had that phone for 5 months... Sooo Madning!!! Hey.. I just had a thought.. were there any cameras up on the wall where he was standing? Maybe he can review it and catch the thief??

    Anne @

  4. That is a good idea Ann. I will have to ask him if there are cameras right there.

  5. People can just be rotten!!!

    Thank goodness for mercy and grace!!! :)

  6. Oh Crystal, you must be so aggravated. I do have to say that you made me chuckle a little though when you said you even left a few nasty messages for the phone thief.

  7. Sounds like it was a tough week!

    It's been a week for thieving! My friend had her wallet stolen and she was in much the same state. I pray you both find some peace. Theft is so personal. It's only stuff but it's a violation of sorts.


  8. Sorry to hear Crystal! So sad how some people are!!!

  9. How not fun is that? It is so hard to see people steal in front of your eyes, like I did a month ago at hardware store. Couldn't do a thing about it. Yes, I prayed for him and hoped he would feel guilty because God said so. I hope your son is ok with all that stuff that happened. I guess it's time to be a bit more cautious, as all of us should. Keeping purse on arm at stores, locking doors, even though there are alot of honest people out ther. Hang in there, my friend! Prayers coming your way.