Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today is my sweet Ryans 19th birthday.  We won't get to see him on his special day because he is away at college.  Him and his sister did come home for the weekend so we celebrated his birthday early.  He wanted steak for his birthday so dad took us all to Texas Roadhouse.  We don't go out much so this was a pretty special treat.  We had to wait an 1 hour and 45 minutes to be seated.  Wow!!  It was so fun to be all together as a family again so we did not mind the wait to much. At Texas Roadhouse they have barrells of peanuts to munch on while you wait and you just throw the shells on the ground.  Interesting huh?  With both the kids away at school it feels being together as a whole family is rare.  Here are a few pictures.
My sweet Ryan

Opening his card.  We gave him money.  What every college kid wants.

His big sister adores him.  Can you tell?

So does his little sister.

Ryan is my normal child.  Haha.  Love you girls!!

As you can tell we had a great time.  Thank you Lord for such a wonderful evening with the wonderful husband and children you gave me.  What more could a girl ask for. 

Happy Birthday my sweet RyRy. 


  1. Awe! Glad you had time to enjoy your family!

  2. Happy you were able to enjoy your time with family! We love TX Roadhouse. My boys love the peanuts. It's so hard when our babies go to college isn't it?
    Thanks for visiting me today.
    Hope you enjoy your day!

  3. What a great set of kids!

    I'm sure you are a proud mama! :)

    {how do you survive the kids going away to college... I cringe to think of the day!!}