Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Not Sure

Have not had much to write about lately.  I have been praying about this blog and the way God wants me to go with it.  I just don't know I would love to have a direction and I don't feel I really do.  On to what we have been up to.   

We went to Emporia yesterday to see the kids.  Alyssa is turning 21 on October 29th.  She has plans with her boyfriend and her friends so we will not be able to see her on her birthday.  We went yesterday and took her to dinner along with her brother and his girl friend.  We gave her diamond earrings.  I think she really liked them. And I made her cupcakes.  I forgot to take pictures.  Her roommates thought they were so cute.  I can not believe I am old enough to have a daughter that will be 21.  I think 21 is truly the age you become an adult.  When I was 21 I was married and about to have Alyssa.  Wow, she has definatly taken a different road than I did.  She is on a good track and I could not be more proud of her. 

Ryan seems to be enjoying his first semister of college.  We met a few of his friends yesterday.  And he says he is really trying hard to do a good job.  School does not come easy for him so I know he has to study a lot.  I just hope he knows that about himself.  Every time I see him he looks a little different.  Seems a little more mature.  He is just so handsome. 

Courtney decided not to try out for basketball this year.  She really does not like the coach and just did not want to deal with girl drama.  That makes me so sad.  She has told me that the coach who is also her gym teacher will not talk to her or even look at her because he is mad she did not try out.  I think that is terrible.  And he is teaching my kid.  Ugh. 

Mike works all the time to provide for us all and I find myself missing him.  I feel as though God is changing a lot of things in our life and I am having a hard time accepting it all.  But I am praying about it and I know in the end things will be great.  I have been starting to get my house holiday ready.  It feels so good to have a clean and organized house.  That is one thing I am able to get done with it just being Courtney and I all the time, Alyssa and Ryan at school and Mike always working.  Courtney is such a wonderful help.  She is definatly my little homemaker.  I love it. 

Well I guess enough of my rambling I will try not to stay gone so long this time. I love looking at all the blogs and I have been keeping up with everyone elses blogs.  Just not my own. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy this great fall weather.  




  1. Crystal, I too have been praying about what direction to go with my blog.Sounds like all your Children are doing very well. that is something to be proud of. I am not seeing much of my Husband either. He is working all the time.Long day's.Blessings to you,Marla Grace

  2. I wanted to comment when I first read this. But, it took me a couple days to get back here and write you a comment. I for one really enjoy reading your blog. So I sure hope you keep writing! :)

    I know that I used to think that my blog had to fall into some sort of niche. But, then I decided to stop worrying about that and to just have fun with it and to write whatever was on my heart.

    I know that your writing has touched me. And, reading about your life and the lives of your children has been an encouragement to me.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you.