Friday, June 25, 2010

Shoe Box Swap Summer 2010

Shoe Box Swap

All the Goodies I received

Where I hung one of the towels in my kitchen.  Love it.  Made these yummy cookies with some of the candy.

The candle in the middle and my pretty new apron.  I am afraid to get it dirty. 

I had so much fun participating in the Shoe Box Swap.  It was hosted by The Homespun Heart and With All That I Have Been Given.  You can go here and here to check them out.  They have wonderful blogs.  Well look at the wonderful goodies I received from Danielle.  When my box came I could hardly contain myself.  I had all these plans to take pictures of the box, opening it and everything.  But I was like a kid at Christmas.  I tore open the box and was so excited about what I found.  Do you see the beautiful necklace she made me.  The wonderful apron.  I have really been wanting one.  The yarn I just can not wait to teach myself. (I have started and it is not pretty. She said it will take a few times  She gave me a web site and everything to help me learn.  The yummy candy.  The candle in the far back ground, the kitchen towels. I am so glad I participated. I did not think to take pictures of what I gave her so please go to her blog and take a look. Goodness I really need to control the excitement thing. Ha Ha.  It is wonderful to have a new blogging friend.   Thanks Danielle for making this so fun.  You are wonderful.  I can not wait for the next shoe box swap. 




  1. Yay! I'm so glad you liked everything! Thanks for such a fun swap Crystal!

  2. Crystal,

    Glad you had so much fun swapping. That apron is really pretty!

  3. Really nice things, Crystal! Love the apron!