Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh My Back

Oh my I have done something to my back.  It has been going on for about 2 weeks.  Some days are worse than others but then yesterday I got a terrible pain in my lower back while talking to my oldest daughter on the phone.  I threw the phone down I was in such pain.  My youngest picked it up and told her what was going on.  I think I scared her and my youngest to death.  I was just bawling.  It was my lower back muscles tightening up.  It finally subsided but I am in so much pain now I can hardly get off the couch. My husband kept telling me to go to the doctor but I just did not want to spend the money.  He needs new tires for his car.  My son needs new tires for his car before leaving for college.  We still have things to get him that he will need for college.  I do not bring in an income in the summer so things are a little tighter and I just did not feel it was worth spending the money on to see the doctor.  Now if it had been my husband or one of the kids we would have been there 2 weeks ago but not for me.  I kept telling myself it will get better.  Oh I wish I had listened to my husband.  I hurt so, so, so, bad.  Do you always put things off for your self but would jump on it for one of your family members?  Please say a prayer for my back I hurt so bad.

Blessing from the couch



  1. Crystal, I am sorry to hear of your pain. May I suggest Aleve, 2 at a time, every 8 hours (more if you need it) which is a lot more than the recommended dosage. Aleve is a very small dosage of prescription Anaprox, and dosing this way helps my back tremendously. If you think it could possibly be sciatica, then I would suggest a homeopathic remedy Sciatic-aide. Here is a link.
    My friend sent this to me one time when I had terrible back pain and I could not afford to go to the doctor. It really helped. God bless you, and I'm saying a prayer for you as I type!

  2. The answer to your question would be 'YES' many, many times. I feel like you do, I would much rather spend the money or resource on my children,grand-children or my husband, than myself. I will be praying for your back and a tip, put an ice pack on it several times throughout the day. (it helps the pain a lot.)
    'Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and answering according to your Word.' (healing is Your will for us.)

  3. Yes, I have done that many times.

    I agree with the Aleve. Could you borrow a TENS machine from a friend? (muscle stimulator) I have gotten great relief from this. My mom and dad have one that I borrow sometimes. I will definitely pray for you!