Saturday, April 17, 2010


Oh no Alyssa! Alyssa came home Thursday from college for the night. She left around 5:00 p.m. Friday. As she was walking out I say the same things I always do: I love you, call me when you get there, drive safe, don't get any tickets. Standard mom things that I know she gets so tired of hearing. She must have gone to get gas or go to Walmart before she left and decided to go a different way. She has not been that way since she graduated from high school 2 years ago. Just no reason usually to take that road but she thought she would this time because it will take you to the highway. Well I never thought to tell her about a new stop sign they put in and she of course did not see it. Ran right through it and was pulled over. Darn it!! She did tell the police officer she has not been this way in a few years but he did not care, gave her the ticket any way. Her dad and I have told her and our son they are giving a lot of tickets in this small town because they have bought new police cars and just built a new Justice Center. It has been in the paper that tickets are way way up. Especially compared to towns twice the size of ours. She did run the stop sign so she does deserve the ticket it is just something we really can not afford right now.

Well the 2nd half of the story is this is the same police officer gives tons of tickets in that same place. That is the rumor anyway when we talk to people in town about what happen to her. And of course who do I see sitting in the area when I went to the High School on Saturday to see all the prom stuff. That same police officer. I really do think that is just his only job to sit in that one area and see how many people he can catch running the stop sign that is there but hard to see.

She was so upset about it but her daddy told her there is nothing you can do now so just drive safe. Another learning experience for the books. Ugh


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  1. I'm glad your daughter is ok. We have a stop sign that is annoying that was put in this year. I've ran it 2x. I now have to psych myself up b4 I get there to stop. We've lived here 20 years and it's an annoying place to have it. As other traffic has the right of way but they still stop and wave us on. It's by the outlet mall and we live behind it. Oh well! Gotta obey the sign! Have a good day! :0)