Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prom 2010

Ryan had prom this weekend. This is him and Emily his girl friend walking into prom.

Prom of course is huge in our little town. There is a big walk in where the town comes and sees all the kids go into Prom. It is pretty wonderful the way people come together to set it all up. It is the Junior class that is responsible for prom and walk in. It is such a big and wonderful thing.

Don't they look great

The kids meet on the town square for pictures

So pretty and so handsome
They attended after prom, after the prom of course, and Ryan won a Tom Tom, gift certificate and money. They always have pretty good gifts to give out and fun games to play. Emily does not attend the school so she was not eligible to win. This weekend it is Emily's school prom so they get to do it again. My baby boy is almost done with his senior year. Wow I can not believe it.

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  1. YOu must be a proud momma. Your son is a very handsome man. He and his date looked beautiful.