Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waves of Beautiful Snow

The sky is blue and the sun is finally shining. The snow looks so bright in the sunshine. For family in warm places that was the best picture of the snow I could get, it is starting to look a little dirty. Well Alyssa went back to Emporia for a few days. She has plans with her college friends for New Years and she has a wedding to attend. She still does not have any heat in her apartment. It has been 4 days now. She says it is 50 degrees in there. Just way to cold to stay there so she is going to stay with a friend. The maintenance man said it won't be fixed until Monday. Poor Alyssa. Thank goodnes for friends. Ryan and Emily are hanging out at the house with me today. They say they are going to build a snow man in a little bit. Courtney is staying with Grandpa Schultz for a few days. She loves staying on the farm with him and all the cows and land. She loves bottle feeding the calf Joey. She also gets to see her cousins. I am glad she likes to go but I sure miss her when she is gone. Mike and I plan to go to a friends house tonight just for a bit. We have not seen "The Gang" for bit. Hope you have a fun and safe night.

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