Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Happy Home was filled to the brim with family over Thanksgiving.  It was such wonderful fun spending time with them all. We ate way to much yummy food and played a fun/funny card game called Spoons.  Oh it was so fun. Have you ever played Spoons?  Well there was a lot of laughing.  What could be better.  Everyone was able to be here except Ryans girl friend she of course spent Thanksgiving with her family.  But the family got to finally meet Alyssas prince charming.  His home is in Colorado and so he was not able to go home for Thanksgiving.  I know his mommy was sad. 

We have our home all decorated for the Christmas season.  It is such a wonderful, cozy feeling.  I have made my gift list and checked it twice and trying so hard to stick to it.  Black Friday sales did not help me out to much.  I have vowed not to impulse shop.  I have prayed and prayed about the gifts we should give.  I hope I have it right.  Our tree is up with our angel on top.  When I was a child we always put a home made star on top.  My dad would cut a star out of cardboard and wrap it in tin foil.  The star was always the last to go up  and we 3 kids had to take turns putting the star on top of the tree.  My dad would write on the back of the star who did it that year and of course it went by age.  To put the star up was a big deal in our house with dad holding us up to reach the top of the tree.  I don't know why I did not follow this tradition with our kids.  We just chose to have an angel on top.  But there are good memories with the Christmas tree star.  As there should be.  It is just one of the reminders this time of year why we celebrate this season.  Stars are amazing to look at and I have heard there are as many stars in the sky as there are grains of sand.  Wow, I just can not imagine that.  Amazing, amazing.

I hope you are able to enjoy this season with out feeling stressed.  It is a magical time of year.  Make your list, check it twice and pray, pray about it. Start enjoying some family traditions.  I hope you can take the time to enjoy your cozy, decorated home and truly remember the reason for the season. 



                                                    I just love the country Christmas look.   


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