Monday, August 16, 2010

Spreading Their Wings

Two of my babies are at college now.  Alyssa is a Junior and Ryan is a freshman.  Our hearts are a little heavy, the house is way to quite and we are just not sure what to do with ourselves.  Courtney is really having a hard time. She tells her daddy she does not want to be an only child here.  She misses them both so much already.  We have done a lot of crying.  It is so hard to let them spread their wings when you have had them to care for and protect for 18 years.  They are wonderful children and we know they will make good decisions.  Here are a few pictures I took in Ryans dorm room.  He is lucky he does not have a room mate.  I still have to get pictures of Alyssa's house.  Her room mates were there and I did not want to bother anyone. 

View from his window

Another view from his window

No room mate so he has two closets.  Yea

Sink and extra desk.  Bathroom is right across the hall.

Our wonderful girls.  He is planning to bunk his bed and put his desk underneath but has to wait his turn.

Alyssa and Ryan.  My two college kids.

Courtney and Ryan.  Everyone thought she was a college girl.  She is in 8th grade.  Don't rush it.

Ryan and his girl friend Emily

Well that is it.  Maybe I will have pictures later of his completed room.  I sure miss Alyssa and Ryan.  Enjoy your little ones and all the noise and mess that comes with them.  They will soon be finding their own way in the world.




  1. This must be a hard time for you all!Your in my prayers!Blessings,Marla Grace

  2. One of the most exciting things and the hardest things is watching our kids grow up and then having to let go. They look like they are ready for whatever is ahead.

  3. I know how hard this is. I just got my oldest settled in college and my next oldest is a senoir. I can't even begin to think about him leaving! Why is it so hard, but yet so good at the same time. Your kids are beautiful.