Friday, August 20, 2010


A while back Danielle sent me crotchet items in our sister swap.  I taught myself with some instructions she sent.  I just love it.  This is my first one.  It is suppose to be a dish cloth.  Pretty funny huh.

This is my second one.  Better but still trying to figure it all out.
This blue one I just finished.  I think I am getting pretty good. 

I am making more, I love it.  Then I am going to try to make myself a scarf with this beautiful yarn my sweet oldest daughter bought me.  She gave it to me with a note one day. In short she thanked me for everything and for being a great mom.  Of course I cried and cried.  It is such a blessing when your children get to that place in their life where the appreciate things you have done.  

What crafts do you love doing?  Are you already working on Christmas gifts?



  1. Those dishcloths look great!

    I can crochet but usually my stuff ends up looking like the second picture.

    I need some dishcloths and I may just try and pick up some crocheting instead of buying that junk in the store.

    Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. Wonderful job Crystal! That first one looks a lot like my first one:-) It is fun isn't it!!! I'm working on a big blanket that is a wedding gift. It is so nice and thick but it is taking longer than I thought!

  3. Love it!I so want to learn how to crochet,and knit!Great job!Blessings,Marla Grace