Monday, July 12, 2010

Drive In Movie

We have a wonderful piece of nostalgia in our community.  We have a Drive In Movie Theater.  I know isn't that so cool. Courtney asked if we could go this last weekend.  They were playing Toy Story 3 and Marmaduke.  So we went.  It was packed.  There was not a spot open by the time the movie started. We had a wonderful time.  The night was just perfect not to hot.  There are so many great things about an outdoor movie. 
1)You can take your own food.  Ryan asked if he could buy us pizza.  Wasn't that sweet! We enjoyed pizza while waiting for the movie to start.  We brought pop, water and homemade cookies for dessert. We did not have to sneak anything in.  Ha Ha.
2)  You can go early and eat and enjoy each others company. Alyssa was on a float trip so she was not there.  We missed her.   Talk to your neighbor parked next to you or enjoy watching them.  I love to watch people, we are so interesting.  
3)It is so much cheaper.  Our Drive In cost $7 per adult and children 3-11 are just $1.00.  And you get 2 movies for that.  You could never get that deal at an AMC Theater.  
4)It is just a great piece of history.  You should really try it with your family if you are lucky enough to have one near you.   
Here are a few pics from our wonderful family night.
Court taking a nap with our cat Miracle getting ready for the big night.

Sitting on her brothers car.  He was so nice to let her do that.
Emily and Ryan waiting for it to get dark and enjoy the movies.  You can see the screen in the back ground.
Mike and I.  We had so much fun.  

Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Time to get back at it. 




  1. OMGOSH! We have a drive-in around our area too!

    I think we may live very close to each other. I border four states Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

    That drive in looks very familiar also. Do they have a playground up front?

    Looks like you had a good time.

  2. I wish I could have been there with you all! :(

    Love you!