Friday, July 2, 2010

New Home

As you know Alyssa lives away at school. She has a job and she is living in a house with 3 other girls.  For the last two years she has not had cable.  It was something we did not think was totally necessary and would not pay for it.  Being a college girl she was not willing to foot the bill for that when there were other things she would rather spend her money on.  She has always had Internet.  That is pretty much a must when you are in college.  Today she called and the girls decided to all get cable.  They had it installed and she is so excited.  Living with 3 other girls has allowed her to keep costs down so she can afford this little extra.  We do help her with her rent during the school months but not during the summer months.  We feel it is her choice to live there in the summer and have decided, that is fine, but she has to pay all her rent.  We will help her again starting in September.  In my younger days my parents did not help me with anything.  It was pretty much you are 18 and on your own.  Today I think parents do it a little different.  I hope we are doing what is right.  She is very responsible pays for pretty much  every thing else her self.  Of course when she is home daddy can't resist slipping her some money when he can & buying her some gas.  And we of course always send her home with a food. She likes to cook for her and her room mates.  Soon we will be doing this for 2 of them.  We are big believers in being fair.  Boy you think they are expensive and take a lot of time when they are little just wait.  But I would not have it any other way.  

Broke &Happy


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  1. My oldest one is in college. She goes to a school where there are no dorms, but she is 3 hours away from home. Therefore, we must provide her housing. I did not want her in an apt. with other people I did not know, therefore we pay all of her rent when we can. She has to pick up her gas and groceries, though when I visit her I will stock her cabinets and fill her tank. But with the distance, my trips down there are fewer than I would like. She has to work to help out! It is a good thing, as they get older, to be more responsible for themselves.